Benjamin A Katz

Benjamin A Katz is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Psychology at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is part of the Personality Cognition and Psychopathology Laboratory, under the direction of Dr. Iftah Yovel.


As a researcher, he specializes in the role of individual differences such as reinforcement sensitivity and demographic status in the etiology and maintenance of mental disorder. His work has been supported by the Israel Science Foundation, the Schusterman Foundation and the Israeli Ministry of Absorption, and has appeared in numerous scientific journals. 

Benjamin is also a registered psychologist (license #: 27133124) with expertise in cognitive behavioral therapies (CBTs), acceptance/mindfulness-based therapies, fear disorders, mood disorders, and work with GSM (gender and sexual minorities). Benjamin has lectured widely, and co-organized professional conferences, on the intersection of Orthodox Jewish and LGBT+ identities.

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