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Benjamin has lectured widely on both his doctoral research and his work on Orthodox Judaism and LGBT+ mental health at academic conferences as well as at private, invited events. Those interested in hosting a lecture for Benjamin should contact him here

Materials from selected lectures and organized conferences may be downloaded below. For a full list of presentations, organized symposia and organized conferences, see Benjamin's CV.

Sexual and Gender Minority Mental Health

Psychotherapy at the Intersection of LGBT+ and Religion. (May, 2020). Lecture for 2nd year child clinical supervision meeting group of the Department of Psychology. Stony Brook University. (YouTube; ppt)

Chair's opening remarks. (September, 2019). Legal Codes and Therapeutic Containment: LGBT and the Religious Family in Psychotherapy. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. (Hebrew; YouTube

Religion, LGBT, and Therapy. (January, 2019) Co-organizer. Professional/academic conference at Bar Ilan University. (Hebrew; pdf)

Katz, B.A. (November, 2018). Dancing at Two Weddings: Tracing Forms of Israeli Relgious-LGBT Activism. Public Lecture. Yeshiva College, Yeshiva University. (ppt)

Katz, B.A. (October, 2018). Minority Stress Model for Orthodox Jewish LGB Patients. The Jerusalem Open House Counseling Center. (Hebrew; pdf)

Katz, B.A. (April, 2017) – Love is a Family Value: Discursive Themes in Israeli Religious-LGBT Dialogue. Departments of Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Theology, Judaic Studies, and Sociology/Anthropology. Fordham University. (pdf)

Reinforcement Sensitivity and Affective Psychopathology

Katz, B.A., Yovel, I. (2018, November). A Psychological Mediation Framework of Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory. Presentation given at the 52nd Annual Convention of the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies. Washington, D.C., USA. (pdf)

Katz, B.A., Yovel, I. (2018, May). Dilemmas in State Measurement – The Development and Application of The State Emotion Regulation Inventory (SERI). Presentation given at the 14th Annual Conference of the Israeli Psychometric Association. Rishon LeZion, Israel. (pdf)


COVID 19 Mental Health Risk and Resilience with Ben Katz. (2020, October; YouTube)

What is peer review? (2020, October; YouTube)

METIVInterviews: Ben Katz from Hebrew U on motivation during coronavirus. (2020, March; YouTube). 

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